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What is Import-Export Code (IEC)?
3 days ago

IEC is a 10-digit identifying number called the Import Export Code (often referred to as the IEC code), given out by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Department of Commerce, Government of India. It is also known as Importer Exporter Code. To begin an enterprise that deals with imports and exports in Indian territory, organizations, and businesses must receive this code. Without this IEC code, it is unlawful to do export or import operations.

How do I find my IEC code?
3 days ago

There are specific procedures to adhere to in order to apply for and obtain an import export code (IEC) in India. Every applicant must follow these steps.

  • On the DGFT website, you need to complete the online IEC application form.
  • Click on "Apply for IEC" at
  • Your mobile number and email address both will receive an OTP for verification.
  • A username and password will be sent to your registered email address after your mobile and email have been verified. Use these credentials to log in.
  • Select the button "Apply IEC (Import Export Code)" after logging into your account. Then, click "Start Fresh Application."
  • Complete all needed fields and submit all the required documents.
  • After submitting the form, a fee of INR 500 needs to be paid.
  • After a Successful transaction and payment approval, an IEC certificate would be sent to the registered e-mail id.
  • You can start doing the Import-Export business after you get your IEC (Import Export Code) code.

Is GST mandatory for the IEC code?
3 days ago

The IEC does not require the GSTIN to be updated or included. However, it has been made known that PAN would identify as an IEC on all IECs issued starting from 1 July 2017.

How can I get IEC for Importer?
3 days ago

Following steps indicate the steps for the IEC Importer registration procedure:

  • 1. Go to the DGFT website
  • 2. Then select the “Services” tab.
  • 3. Several DGFT services, including the "IEC" option, will be included in a drop-down menu that will appear.
  • 4. Select "Online IEC Application."
  • 5. Enter your PAN card number and other details (A Person/If a Company PAN Card) number.
  • 6. If the proprietor is an entity firm, enter the PAN card number for the entity firm.
  • 7. Put your information in the columns (As Mentioned on your PAN Card)
  • 8. You will notice an area where you must input the necessary information in this phase, including your name, date of birth, and Fill the Captcha Code
  • 9. Complete the (OTP) verification process by entering your contact number and email id.
  • 10. Update and fill up the application entity details
  • 11. Update the Branch Details (Within 15 minutes)
  • 12. Update the director and partner information.
  • 13. Upload the scanned copies of required documents such as an address proof, a cancelled check, or a bank certificate. Choose the document type as PDF or JPEG.
  • 14. Fee Payment (Net Banking with a Debit or Credit Card) of Rs. 500, as the government charge for IEC application.
  • 15. View & Print the application.
  • 16. Click on "Submit and Generate IEC Certificate"

What is the fee for IEC Code?
3 days ago

According to the most recent notification on IEC by the government, the IEC code registration charge is a minimal sum of Rs 500 and can be paid online with credit or debit cards, e-wallets, or net banking. So, in India, the government charge or official fee for obtaining an IEC code is Rs. 500.

Who issues IEC?
3 days ago

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), which is part of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, issues IEC in electronic form i.e., (e-IEC).

What documents are required for IEC Code?
3 days ago

The following documents are required for IEC Code Registration:

  • 1. PAN Card copy of the individual /company.
  • 2. Copy of Voter ID card /Aadhar card /passport of the individual.
  • 3. Individual’s/company’s copy of cancelled checks of the current bank account.
  • 4. Copy of the rent agreement or electricity bill of the registered premise.
  • 5. A self-addressed envelope for receiving delivery of the IEC certificate by a registered post.

How do I find my importer number?
3 days ago

You get Importer number in the IEC code registration documents.

How long does it take to obtain the IEC code?
3 days ago

IEC code can be easily obtained from the DGFT within 10 to 15 days of the application being submitted.

Can I import without IEC?
3 days ago

A vital business identification code known as an Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) is necessary for exporting from or importing into India. No person may export or import without first obtaining an IEC unless particularly exempted.

  • According to India's Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), every importer and exporter must get an IEC code before beginning to import or export goods from India. No importer or exporter is permitted to conduct import or export activity without an IEC code
  • IEC Code for Non-GST Registered Individuals: All new applicants who are exempt from the GST registration requirement / who do not have GST numbers must submit an application to the DGFT, and their PAN will be certified as an IEC.

Can I import without GST?
3 days ago

With effect from July 1st, 2017, importers must have a GST registration since their GSTIN must be displayed on their bills of entry in order to pay IGST and to claim the input tax credit. The importer would just have to disclose the GSTIN (where registered under GST). The IGST Act, 2017, defines the import of goods as the movement of products into India from a location outside India.

Can I import from China without an IEC code?
3 days ago

In accordance with the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) provides the IE Code. Nobody is permitted to import or export goods from any country without having an IE Code.

What is IEC for shipment?
3 days ago

The final step in exporting/ import of products is shipment, and in order to successfully complete shipment clearance, one must demonstrate IEC. The DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), Department of Commerce, Government of India, issues the import-export code, also known as the IEC code, which is a 10-digit identifying number. Importer Exporter Code is another name for it.

What is the importer code?
3 days ago

Ans: Importer code, is also known as an IE code or Import-Export code. All the importers and exporters who conduct business in India are required to have an import export code, or IEC, which is a distinct 10-digit code.

What is the fee for the IEC code?
3 days ago

The importer name should be preceded by the IEC number without the use of any special characters or brackets. For instance, you may add "0XXXXXXXXXX PRERNA DATES LTD" in the importer's name column of the IGM_Cargo specifications. Additionally, prefixes like /s., m/s., M/S., etc. should be avoided.

How do I check my IEC code?
3 days ago

PAN Based IE code is produced by DGFT offices spread out across the nation, and it is compiled at DGFT headquarters. Click the IE Code @DGFT button to check whether your IE code has been delivered to the DGFT headquarters and to scrutinize the accuracy of your IE code data.

How do I find a company’s IEC code?
3 days ago

In order to obtain an IEC Code for a company simply go to the DGFT website. Then, enter the pre-generated user name and password to access the DGFT website after registering there. Select "Apply for IEC" from the drop-down menu on the DGFT website. Click on the "Submit and Generate IEC Certificate" button after completing the application form (in ANF 2A format), upload all the necessary documents, and make the required payment.

*disclaimer:we try our best to keep the above provided information updated, the data provided keeps changing by amendments and changes in related statute/acts and other Govt published advisory and we don't claim that all information is always correct, the content is for informational purpose only, Intine.CO (QuickU Technology solutions pvt ltd) and its associates bear not responsibility of any loss because of actions taken based on the information on this page or any other page of this website.

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